Bleisure in Basilicata

Even with business travel, when organizing an event or in the planning of an incentive, it is possible to pamper your participants, transmit positive energy and indulge their passions, making them feel unique and in harmony with the place they are visiting. The perfect location is the Basilicata region.

Here, wellbeing can become an all-encompassing concept, the pursuit of an experience that provides a feeling of wellness and new experiences not only during the trip or event, but also in the long term.

And what could be more rejuvenating than following one's passions?

Basilicata is a veritable compendium of bien vivre and slow rhythms, perfect therefore for 'detox' stays, both leisure and MICE. A perfect place to recharge the batteries in spectacular settings of fairy-tale landscapes where nature is the undisputed protagonist. Villages of rare beauty, suspended in time and intact in their ancient architecture; thousand year old traditions cloak every place in charm and mystery; a rich enogastronomy, with many DOC, DOCG and PGI products that seduce at every bite and every sip. In addition, the choices of two seas, the choice of two cities: a modern and sparkling city like Potenza and the unique, dreamlike and beautiful Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture in 2019, and the choice of archaeological sites of international importance and picturesque villages along the coast.

Top 5 Bleisure experiences

- The Potentino area: between legends and bien vivre

The territory of the province of Potenza is a succession of surprises, where man and nature have collaborated to create fairytale sceneries rich in history, charm, and nature, one of which is the Lucanian Apennine Park host of many adrenaline activities such as the world's longest Tibetan bridge. For those who love glamping, unique experiences and tree house lodgings can be found in Satriano di Lucania or Sasso di Castalda.

- Lucanian Dolomites

This is where Pietrapertosa and Castelmezzano meet, two villages of rare charm where the zipline Flight of the Angel is found. In fact, it is possible to cover the kilometres that divide the two villages by "gliding" with a special harness, from steel cables four hundred metres high and flying over forests and ravines at a speed of 120 kilometres per hour.

- Matera: impossible to forget

Unique and beautiful Matera enchants at first glance but also fascinates when descending through the ravine formed by the Sasso Caveoso and the Sasso Barisano. Explore the alleys and discover cave dwellings and rock churches. Lose yourself in a maze of narrow streets, stairways and ravines. The City of the Sassi, a UNESCO Heritage Site since 1993 and European Capital of Culture in 2019, literally leaves you speechless and offers MICE participants an unusual location and unrepeatable experiences.

- Maratea

Even a region marked by slow tourism and bien vivre such as Basilicata has its worldly pearl: Maratea, the true queen of the Tyrrhenian coast and a destination for refined international tourism that appreciates both its uncontaminated and beautiful beaches and its sparkling and relaxed atmosphere. Such richness translates, of course, into the possibility of practicing any water sport and organizing suggestive excursions in search of the most secluded coves. For the MICE participants who love thermal treatments, not far from Maratea is Latronico, a true 'city of well-being' with its thermal water springs.

- Jonio

Here, MICE participants can relax along the Ionian coastline, with its wide sandy beaches interrupted only by picturesque seaside villages. The presence of luxury beachfront accommodation facilities set in wild, unspoiled landscapes equipped for all kinds of seaside activities, including golf courses and riding stables, provide the meeting industry with endless incentive related opportunities that have one common thread, the water.

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1 of 9 Image Lucanian gullies. Photo by: Archivio Apt Basilicata
2 of 9 Image Maratea. Photo by: Archivio Apt Basilicata
3 of 9 Image Metaponto. Photo by: Archivio Apt Basilicata
4 of 9 Image Matera. Photo by: Archivio Apt Basilicata
5 of 9 Image Tibetan bridge - Castelsaraceno. Photo by: Archivio Apt Basilicata
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7 of 9 Image Craftsmanship in Matera, Fucina Madre Expò (craftmanship and design expo)
8 of 9 Image Sentiero dei Pellegrini (Pilgrims' path) Monte Sirino. Photo by: Archivio Apt Basilicata
9 of 9 Image Volo dell'angelo zipline. Photo by: Archivio Apt Basilicata