Bleisure in Puglia

Puglia combines a business penchant with an extraordinary historical heritage, delivering top-notch MICE services and splendid settings for any type of event.

Spice up your agenda, Puglia is the sought-after destination where conferences and events take place year round across two seas, country-chic venues and luxury locations.

Authentic and contemporary, Puglia is a mosaic of culture, art, food & wine, luscious nature and stunning architecture, as it inspires travellers seeking the ideal mix of business and leisure.

The Puglian meeting industry sports unique events in picturesque locations, such as UNESCO World Heritage sites, Trulli and the typical Masserie. Meetings and congresses are set amid woods, national parks, fascinating canyons, ravines, even crypts and caves, always providing top-notch services in fully equipped facilities.

Set up your conference on a terrace overlooking the sea, build team awareness in contact with nature, have your business meeting in historical towns, or unwind post-congress stress savouring luscious Mediterranean food and listening to Puglian folk music.

Puglia offers a wide variety of charming venues and a selected choice of team building initiatives. And throughout the region, cutting-edge accommodations are an enticing mix of rural gastronomy and haute cuisine.

Business in Puglia is Easy to Reach

Puglia is closer than ever thanks to a modern and efficient connectivity network. Direct flights from the international airports of Bari and Brindisi connect Puglia to a number of global destinations such as, London, Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna Istanbul, Munich, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome and several other hubs accessible to many international airlines, including low cost. High speed trains connect Rome and Lecce every day, with stops along the way at Foggia, Barletta, Bari and Brindisi, also connecting Puglia with Bologna and Milan. A modern and efficient regional road network is connected with the main Italian highway system. Bari and Brindisi are excellent ports of call for all major world-wide cruising companies, and ferries with connections to Greece, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia.

Top 5 Bleisure experiences

Among historic venues, stately buildings, museums and especially its UNESCO heritage, countless places in Puglia with a wealth of historical interest will welcome investors and become the ideal places for your meetings and conferences.

  1. In Gargano, organize your event in an enchanting ancient setting such as the Augusteo Roman Amphitheatre in Lucera or a refined and elegant meeting among the lights of the more modern Giordano Theatre in Foggia.
  2. If you are in the Imperial Puglia territories, choosing team building within the walls of the mysterious Castel del Monte or in the Swabian Castle of Barletta can be very exciting! These are the same castles where Frederick II held court banquets and memorable gatherings.
  3. In Bari and along the coast, brainstorm in the rooms of the Castle of Charles V in Monopoli or set up your exhibition in the foyer of the prestigious Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari.
  4. In the Magna Graecia area, outline your strategy with a view out to sea from the imposing Aragonese Castle of Taranto; moving to Valle d'Itria and Murgia dei Trulli, organize workshops and company seminars at the Palazzo Ducale of Martina Franca.
  5. In Salento, the renowned Castle of Otranto is now famous for its cultural events and the numerous contemporary exhibitions, as is the Charles V Castle in Lecce and the several typical Masserie across the the splendid coutryside between the Adriatic and Ionian coasts.

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1 of 9 Image Bleisure meeting in a typical masseria - Ostuni. Photo by: Gaetano Giordano
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4 of 9 Image San Corrado Cathedral- Molfetta. Photo by: Carlos Solito
5 of 9 Image Gravina di Laterza. Photo by: Fabio Ingegno
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