Bleisure in Sardinia

Sardinia! The mind races to images of dazzling beaches and extraordinary little coves that have established an undeniable association to holidays by the sea, often linked to luxury and glamour. In reality, Sardinia has much more to offer, and for all budgets. Spectacular scenery, a fascinating past, that has left countless legacies and is partly shrouded in mystery, thousands of years of traditions, wellness, artistic craftsmanship, good food (and excellent wines), unforgettable and surprising experiences for all tastes in cities, villages and locations that combine identity and innovation. Some of these well-known, some less.

Hotels, resorts, conference centres and event locations can be found in in all these areas, both on the coast and inland, able and qualified to welcome tour operators, business travellers, event organizers and incentive houses. It is no coincidence that in recent years Sardinia has grown as a business destination. The decisive factors for this growth is the synergy among operators, structuring more competitive offers, renewed promotions and a series of features with added value. In fact, Sardinia differs from its competitors thanks to its central position in the Mediterranean, its mild climate all year round, safety, varied landscapes and ideal conditions for outdoor activities or, simply put, for quality of life. The mixture of heavenly nature and ancestral traditions, always ‘alive’, is the extra element that conference participants, insiders, organizers and guests in general can experience a few steps from the conference rooms during events that can be enjoyed in every season.

Business tourism in the off season is the result of the MICE product organization plans and agreements between specialized operators, airlines and hotels. ‘Destination Sardinia MICE 2023’ moved in this direction and took place in Cagliari at the end of September. The international meeting, organized by the Sardinia Region along with SOGAER, the company that manages Cagliari Airport involved 45 qualified Sardinian sellers and 36 buyers, including corporate meeting planners, event organizations and tourist service agencies, two thirds of which were Italian and one third from Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. The event has put the spotlight back on Sardinia’s offer of conference facilities, on the quality and professionalism of its hospitality, and has been a further opportunity for placing it in the national and international markets. In addition to the one-to-one meetings between supply and demand, the program included moments of networking, during which buyers had a chance to experience the quality and expertize of the hospitality in Sardinia.

Top 5 Bleisure experiences

Sardinia is in the running to become a business destination, thanks to these advantages:

  1. Its unique characteristics mean that MICE Makers can easily experience moments of absolute beauty during corporate events and have the ability to organize meetings, workshops or team-building events in the same places where the conferences are held.
  2. Authentic combination of environmental protection and thousands of years of traditions. When enjoying a ‘break’ from the conferences or events, it is possible to explore the protected areas offering nature or cultural itineraries throughout the region.
  3. A few steps from the hotels or event venues, captivating ‘open-air museums’ allows one to breathe the magical sacredness of prehistory; from the Domus de Janas, to the nuraghi and Tombs of Giants; from the lure of history of the Phoenician-Punic and Roman ruins to the evidence of the countless dominations that followed one another on the Island.
  4. In combination with conferences and events, it is advisable to book a wine experience in the historic wine cellars and vineyards scattered throughout the region, with tastings of wines and typical products. Sardinia is a land of fine wines: Vermentino, Cannonau, Carignano, Cagnulari, complemented by the rediscovery of native grape varieties.
  5. In a few locations, including those in Sardinia, lunch time or a break between conference sessions can be spent at kiosk-bars a few metres from the shores of splendid beaches.
1 of 10 Image Cagliari seen from the sea. Photo by: Sean Pavone, via
2 of 10 Image Saint Remy Bastion, Cagliari. Photo by: Alessandro Addis, via
3 of 10 Image Poetto seafront - Cagliari. Photo by: Alessandro Addis
4 of 10 Image Biking in the Molentargius - Saline Regional Park. Photo by: Alessandro Addis
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