Bleisure in South Tyrol

Meet right here. In South Tyrol.

Welcome to Meet Südtirol

Strategy workshops in wood-panelled rooms, board meetings in medieval fortresses and team building events in gyms with rock climbing walls, followed by aperitifs, evening walks or after-work yoga.

This is how we do business. This is Meet Südtirol.

Anyone who’s ever done business in South Tyrol will know that we take our quality of life as seriously as we take our work. That we value pleasure, inspiration, and indulging in some me-time. In South Tyrol, when we talk about work-life balance, we mean putting in the hours to make sure the annual planning gets done, but we accomplish this in the warm glow of the mountain sun rather than the cold fluorescent light of a board room. We mean getting away from those endless Zoom calls and venturing out into nature to enjoy life, exercise and practice a bit of self-care.

Make South Tyrol the inspirational setting for your next offsite meeting, incentive or event. In true South Tyrolean style, your team will experience our commitment to sustainability, quality and authenticity as well as those unexpected surprises that will become memories to treasure.

What sets events in South Tyrol apart from other business destinations? The natural backdrop of the jagged Dolomite peaks and undulating vineyards for one, and, our professional venue providers who have perfected the art of warm, unobtrusive hospitality. Then there’s our delicious regional specialities that healthily fuel intense meetings along with the myriad of inspiring team building events and social programmes on offer, from adventurous canyoning to wine tastings and calming forest meditation. And then there’s us. We’re an experienced, intuitive team and we have all the insider knowledge when it comes to organising exclusive MICE activities. Small-scale events which put quality first are our specialty.

Top 5 Bleisure experiences

- South Tyrolean Specksafari

Discover Bolzano’s treasures and the most typical South Tyrolean quality product during a culinary tour of the old town.

- Wine & Bike

Move, stop and live the moment - an experience for everyone.

Cycle together with a bike guide and discover a piece of nature & culture of South Tyrol with a subsequent wine cellar tour and tasting.

- Taste the nature - forest edition

The Johannesstube starred restaurant moves outdoor into the woods, where renowned Michelin-starred chef Theodor Falser serves an exclusive 5-course menu cooked outdoors, accompanied by regional wines. Immersed in nature, you will enjoy an unforgettable taste experience.

- Kräutererbe Bacherhof

An herbal academy with garden tours, exciting creative workshops and many experiential learning presentations about traditions and ancient herbal knowledge.

- The brewesses

Two women brewing their own beer on a farm in the Ultental Valley. There is no limit to their creative ideas. This results in versatile creations such as the whisky vanilla stout, the beer “hibiscus season”, the elder Weizen and classic Lager. At the end of the day, you can taste and enjoy the beer with friends or colleagues on the sun terrace.

Fun facts

  1. South Tyrol has the highest density of Michelin starred chefs in Italy.
  2. Cutting South Tyrolean dumplings with a knife is equivalent to cutting spaghetti. It is forbidden!
  3. South Tyrol covers 7,389 km2. Only 6% of the surface is habitable. 80% is made up of mountains.
  4. In South Tyrol there are 300 days a year of sunshine.
  5. The pools of the hotels in Schenna in the Meran area are 5 km long.
  6. South Tyrol produces 1,100 tons of milk per day - (in a week is more than the weight of the steel construction of the Eiffel Tower) (in 2 weeks more than the weight of the Tower of Pisa).


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