Bleisure in Valle d'Aosta

Valle d’Aosta, the smallest region in Italy, is surrounded by the highest peaks in Europe including Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso, offering unique experiences for travellers looking for the perfect balance between work and pleasure.


Valle d'Aosta is a place where spectacular nature is counterbalanced by a cultural heritage whose diversity can be described as unique in the Alps.

A Roman bridge, a medieval castle, a historic carnival: it is not unusual to come across one of these treasures, all symbolic and strongly identifying elements of this area. In the first century BC, the Romans founded the town of Augusta Prætoria, the current Aosta, since then, the region has been the only gateway to the Alpine passes.

In the Middle Ages castles, towers and fortified houses rose up to dominate the valleys. These historic sites not only offer a glimpse into history, but they also allow visitors to enjoy unequalled spaces for conferences, exclusive visits, and dinners.

Nature and sports

Valle d'Aosta is the kingdom of the peaks that are over 4,000 m in height, and it is the top destination for mountain sports. Winter sports enthusiasts have 1,200 km of downhill and cross-country ski runs and 28 ski resorts available to them, the best known of which are Cervinia, Courmayeur, Pila, La Thuile, Champoluc and Gressoney.

In summer, the region offers countless attractions for all those who love outdoor sports: trekking with over 4,500 km of trails, mountain climbing, mountain biking with 4 bike parks and 500 km of trails, rafting, gliding, sport fishing, golf, just to name a few.


In Valle d’Aosta, wellness takes on an unmistakable Alpine connotation. The open and restful scenarios, the pure air of the high altitudes are in themselves, an invitation to rest and to the well-being of body and mind. Added to this are the healing waters that have allowed the creation of the thermal spas of Pré-Saint-Didier and Saint-Vincent, where it is possible to relax, even outdoors and in the middle of winter, in the company of Mont Blanc and among the snow-capped peaks.

For the palate

The typical products of Valle d'Aosta tell the story of an Alpine territory and its identity. A story of inimitable flavours, thanks to the uniqueness of the region’s altitude, the quality of the raw materials and ancient production techniques.

Typical products such as Fontina and Lard d’Arnad are internationally famous. Other PDOs such as Jambon de Bosses or Fromadzo are less well-known but for this very reason even more interesting to discover. The region also boasts an important enological tradition: the passion of local winemakers, which led them to cultivate vines on steep slopes at an altitude of over 1,000 metres, has generated excellences such as Blanc de Morgex, Donnas or Torrette.

Top 5 Bleisure experiences

- Skyway Monte Bianco

Skyway Monte Bianco is not just a cable car allowing people to reach 3,466 metres, it is an aim to bring people closer to the mountains and to the sky, to broaden horizons and overcome boundaries. In fact, you don't have to be a mountaineer to climb to high altitudes and admire Mont Blanc and its glaciers up close.

- Matterhorn Alpine Crossing

Reach the peak of the Piccolo Cervino (Little Matterhorn, 3,883 m) and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Matterhorn thanks to the Matterhorn Alpine Crossing, the spectacular crossing that connects Breuil-Cervinia on the Italian side to Zermatt on the Swiss side via the highest cable car in the Alps.

- Castles and fortresses

Plan a cultural break by exploring the castles of Valle d’Aosta: more than 100 castles, towers and strongholds make its landscape unique and unmistakable. Don't miss the imposing Fort Bard which, with its museums and exhibitions, is now considered the region’s main cultural site.

- Food and Wine Tour

Discover authentic Valle d’Aosta cuisine with a food and wine tour. Taste the local delicacies and the "heroic" wines directly on the farms that offer not only simple tastings but also guided tours, trekking through the vineyards, and other occasions for convivial entertainment.

- Roman Aosta

Dedicate some time to history with a walk through the heart of Aosta, "the Rome of the Alps". See the Arch of Augustus, the Theatre and discover incredible places such as the Cryptoporticus. Walk along the streets of the city where the greatness of ancient Rome is combined with the sobriety of the medieval towers and palaces and with the sacredness of the churches.

Fun facts

Unusual venues for an event:

… in one of Europe’s largest Gambling Houses

Saint-Vincent Resort & Casino encompasses a Grand Hotel, a conference centre, a spa and a casino all in one place.

… at the lowest point in the sky

Skyway Monte Bianco, a masterpiece of engineering and design, offers a panoramic terrace at an altitude of 3,466 metres with spectacular views of Mont Blanc.

…in an ancient fortress, set for the film "Avengers - Age of Ultron"

Fort Bard is an imposing fortress with conference room facilities.

… inside a castle or on prehistoric sites

The locations in Valle d’Aosta’s castles are picturesque: the Hall of the Horns in the Royal Castle of Sarre and the Hall in the Megalithic Area of Aosta, are just two examples.


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