Branded Content

International branded content campaigns: the most prestigious international personalities describe Italy.

The other important focus of the Board’s international b2c communication campaign is the major international PR plan using branded content.

The most prestigious international newspapers, the most coveted and popular magazines, and the glossiest publications with branded ITALIA content. But that’s not all. This campaign, launched during the height of the pandemic, is also an important driving force behind collaboration with Italy’s regions, “cities of art,” and other national stakeholders: each article is written in tandem with these local entities. In this way, ENIT makes its media plan and editorial coordination expertise available to those regions, cities of art and other stakeholders to boost local messages.

Fashion, luxury, lifestyle, sports, finance and other publications become many small pieces of a single puzzle that presents a unified image of Italy: a marvellous multilingual and multi-brand mosaic, narrated by the most prestigious personalities on the international publishing scene, in a cross-media perspective.

Branded Digital Content

Branded Print Content