Eco Cruising Fu Tour


To boost managerial, innovative, blue, green and digital skills of SMEs from the West Mediterranean working in the tourism sector.

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  1. To exploit the green potential of WestMed tourism SMEs and cross-border cooperation to unlock new business opportunities around the new eco-cruise tourism sector.
  2. To design eco-smart cruise packages targeting Millennials and Gen Z; the objective is to offer innovative routes and solutions paving the pathway towards Net-Zero for Cruise and Coastal Areas by introducing a brand new experience for these target groups to cruising, combining smart (digital) and eco-sustainable offering.
  3. Aid public and private stakeholders in charge of the promotion of EU and West European coastal and maritime destinations through specialised capacity building programmes, knowledge and tech transfer and multiplying results.


  1. X-23 The Innovation Bakery (Italy)
  2. ENIT - Italian National Tourist Board (Italy)
  3. Celestyal Ship Management (Cyprus)
  4. Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (Cyprus)
  5. Green Evolution (Greece)
  6. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tunisia (Tunisia)
  7. Leancubator (Algeria)
  8. Tangier City Port Management (Morocco)
  9. Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Spain)


  1. Blue Economy
  2. Business
  3. Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Employment
  5. Environment & Climate Change
  6. Events
  7. Maritime
  8. Sustainable Development
  9. Tourism
  10. Water


  1. Business Support Organizations (BSOs)
  2. Corporations
  3. Sectoral agencies
  4. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  5. Millennials and Generation Z


Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)


September 2022 – December 2024 (28 months)

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