#LiveItalian: the creative twist for telling the stories of an (extra)ordinary Italy

Gestures, ideas and everyday moments, typical of the Italian lifestyle, telling the story of Italy through custom creative twists: this is the #LiveItalian campaign.

A gondola mocking the chaotic traffic in our “cities of art”, a morning meeting at a café or a high-altitude snuggle, but also a Canadian under a starry sky or a tasty lunch break by the sea, not to mention a fashionable catwalk in a seaside village.

Italian moments that tell the story of Italy as it is loved by the world, but also by Italians. This advertising campaign was conceived for digital and OOH planning for all seasons, focusing on the outdoor, luxury and food segments, and it has found spectacular OOH spaces as well as impactful online spaces to create brand awareness for “destination Italy” and generate traffic to italia.it.

The campaign focuses on an international communication frame aimed at a real reframing of the ITALIA brand (brand positioning), in a context of resuming flows, great competition, increased digital reach including for the tourism sector, and following the trends of demand, strongly oriented towards the search for value, security, and the pursuit of passions. The reframing is structured according to a values-based narrative scheme, on themes of sustainability, inclusion, diversity and innovation - arriving at deep segmentation by product-experience/seasonality/market.

On the side of the advertising campaigns is the big international PR campaign carried out by the Board. These activities are primarily aimed at generating the right brand positioning for the ITALIA brand, in a reflective manner to the product/seasonality matrices. Due to the particular nature of their content, they make it possible to go deeper and to raise the quality of the communication and networking power of the Board.

The #LiveItalian ambassadors

#LiveItalian is an international communication campaign that showcases Italian excellence to promote the country as a tourist destination and boosts italia.it by asking leading international personalities, exemplars of Italian excellence, to act as ambassadors of the Bel Paese abroad. The intended positioning is high-end, to develop a narrative of excellence.

These ambassadors have been selected from a top-of-mind positioning in their field, in order to ensure a narrative of the country’s excellence. Far from the hubbub of traditional ambassador campaigns, the ENIT campaign aims at quality in planning and, above all, in the leading personalities in their field of interest, described with creativity and ingenuity, contextualising them in everyday life, sometimes even irreverently. The Italian excellence contextualized in the daily life of the average Italian: here is their own “live Italian.”

The campaign objective is therefore the promotion of the ITALIA.IT portal and consequently greater awareness of Italy.

Discover the #LiveItalian Ambassador pages on Italia.it