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The "Open Library" project of ENIT - Italian National Tourist Board, created in collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Region, stems from the desire to make a database of multimedia elements distributed free of charge, available to tourism stakeholders, with the aim of providing a further tool to support the promotion of tourism in Italy.


The entire database of content present within the Open Library was created thanks to the collaboration of the Italian Regions and Autonomous Provinces, local authorities, operators, organizations, associations, private citizens.

The multimedia elements present within the Open Library are distributed under Creative Commons (CC) licenses, in order to allow the sharing and public use of the material.

Each piece of multimedia content is associated with a specific Creative Commons license which establishes precise conditions of use, indicated by the author of the content, which must be respected by each user. For more information on the types of Creative Commons licenses and their respective conditions of use, please refer to the website:


The database is built through the association of each file a series of metadata that identify:

- The title of the media, i.e. the type (image or video)

- Media credits (author and / or holder of media rights)

- The size of the file and the resolution of the media

- The type of Creative Commons license with which the content is distributed

- The source of the media, i.e. the person / body / organisation that originally released the content

- The subjects represented in the media: external, internal, panorama, detail, presence or absence of people in the representation

- A series of tags that describe the content of the media allowing it to be associated with other media with similar content

- The theme, i.e. one or more tourism products to which the media is associated (by way of example and not limited to: cities of art, sea, summer / winter mountains, villages, sports, UNESCO site, etc.)

- The time of day during which the media was made

- The season during which the media was made

- The structure (or the point of interest) depicted in the media

- The geographical location: municipality, province, region where the point of interest is located

Through the "Search" function, the user can consult the database by inserting filters and keywords.

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