Research Office

ENIT’s Research Office is a point of reference in the panorama of tourism statistics and research aimed at Italian tourist markets and demand segments. Annual planning includes:

  1. Production of informational statistical material on the industry
  2. The preparation of surveys and research using Big Data as an analysis tool
  3. The collection of specific ad-hoc tourism data on vertical themes
  4. The preparation of specific surveys in cooperation with key players in the tourism industry

Ordinary activities also include supporting public stakeholders (the Italian government, Ministry of Tourism, other ministries and Sistema Italia entities) and private stakeholders (trade associations) through the dissemination of quantitative/qualitative data and information on Italian tourism (e.g., markets of origin, destination regions, travel motivations, socioeconomic data, etc.) and by drafting reports, documents and presentations.

In addition, the data produced and analyzed are used by directors and top management bodies of ENIT in interviews and statements given to the media, at trade fairs, events and conferences at public and private entities, and in ministries, embassies, etc. in Italy and abroad.

To support private members of Club Italia, the Research Office creates customised informational material on individual markets to be presented at workshops and trade fairs, and disseminated via operators participating in promotional activities including through foreign offices.

This is all important information for getting a sense of how the competitive and collaborative work environment is behaving around you, to understand how it affects your business and decide what actions to take.

Finally, through the Research Office, ENIT is included on the ISTAT table of tourism statistics, along with the other entities that are part of the National Statistical System proposing topics for further investigation and making their experience and data available.

For an effective collaboration with the Regions with regards to Marketing Intelligence activities, we are continuing to share the methodologies and tools necessary to monitor ongoing tourism trends via Technical Tables.


Since February 2020 and the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, ENIT's Research Office has prepared a Bulletin to disseminate the information produced through the implementation of a monitoring facility, able to immediately measure the depth of the changes taking place in the sector and make short-term projections of recovery capabilities. In addition, to measure this performance, the monitored data is compared with that of our most direct international competitors.


The surveys covered by ENIT’s studies are presented here in full, for the purpose of making them available to the actors who need all the details noted. These surveys cover, in the most general sense, the population, the tourist accommodation sector, and specific tourism products or target markets.

Further Insights

Market niches, targets and segments of interest, as well as topical issues are presented in greater detail in the form of reports, presentations of data and graphs, and summaries.

European Projects

ENIT takes part in the design and implementation of European projects focused on sustainability in tourism, SMEs, regions and institutions, related to the specific action plans defined by the Board.


The development activity of the National Tourism Observatory, responsible for ENIT since 2014, makes it possible to detect, compare, update and monitor tourist flows and spending behaviors related to various tourism products, demand segments and markets of tourist origin for the purpose of Marketing Intelligence as a guidance tool for promotional and communication activities.

Among its routine activities, ENIT's Research Office handles data requests, maintains and updates the site's content, and writes in-depth reports focused on tourism data and issues.

The NTO thus contributes to the realization of the main goals of tourism statistics: timeliness, comparability and harmonization, and accessibility.

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