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Tourism: EU WeMED_NaTOUR project involves over 175 international enterprises

14 November 2023
Tourism: EU WeMED_NaTOUR project involves over 175 international enterprises



Record numbers for EU WeMED NaTOUR, the European project part-financed by the EU's EMFAF programme (a fund managed by CINEA) coordinated by X23 - The Innovation Bakery and implemented by ENIT - Italian National Tourist Board | Travel Without Plastic | International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO) | Balearic Marine Cluster | Turismo de Portugal and Mauritania's National Tourism Office (ONTM).

175 - in just one month - is now the number of international companies that have joined the network with the mission of empowering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in tourism through a comprehensive training programme, consisting of six modules. Its aims are: to provide companies with in-depth knowledge and tools for integrating sustainable environmental practices into their tourism operations, preserving the natural beauty of destinations and offering unforgettable experiences to visitors; to investigate online tools and techniques for improving their online presence, reaching a wider audience and maximising their business potential; and to attract and engage the school tourism audience. There is still time to sign up by following this link:

The goal is to develop sustainable tourism packages tailored to national and international school groups divided into three distinct age groups (6-10 years, 11-13 years and 14-16 years). These green packages, with particular focus on the younger generation, are designed to increase the appeal of coastal and sea destinations in the countries participating in the project, namely Italy, Mauritania, Portugal and Spain. This project - committed to minimising environmental impact, generating economic benefits for local communities, promoting sustainable practices and raising awareness about responsible travel and cultural exchange among children and students - is aligned with the European Commission's objectives for developing a sustainable blue economy strategy.

The SME Capacity Building Programme, an essential component of the EU WeMED_NaTOUR project, has attracted considerable interest and participation from SMEs and schools wishing to improve their skills and competitiveness. The schools selected for pilot trips in each participating country will play a key role in providing high-quality educational experiences for their students. This will create a favourable environment for growth, innovation and sustainability in the respective regions and promote awareness of responsible travel behaviour among the younger generation. The EU WeMED_NaTOUR initiative is committed to empowering tourism SMEs and developing the principles of responsible and sustainable travel behaviour among the younger generation.

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