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Italy beckons Mexico: ENIT gathers leading Mexican Tour Operators to boost tourism in the peninsula

From 6 to 12 September 2023
Italy beckons Mexico: ENIT gathers leading Mexican Tour Operators to boost tourism in the peninsula



Italy beckons Mexico. The two countries are strengthening their tourism ties thanks to an important event organised by the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT) in collaboration with Aeromexico, with the support of the Lazio and Campania Regions. This is an exclusive Fam Trip organised for 12 important Mexican tour operators to underline the importance and the need to boost tourism in Italy as a destination. The operators will be travelling on the Frecciarossa train, a partner in the initiative, to visit Naples and appreciate the beauty of Campania.

This is a significant effort to promote tourism that represents an important step in the consolidation of ties between Italy and Mexico, inaugurated earlier this year with the launch of the direct Mexico City-Rome route, successfully operated by Aeromexico. This event has already proved to be a great success, facilitating travel between the two countries and increasing the number of tourists to Italy. The 12 leading Mexican Tour Operators participating in Fam Trip are among the biggest players in the Mexican market and represent key partners for Aeromexico, both in terms of turnover and market penetration. Each of these companies operates in the MICE/corporate and luxury sectors, and for each company the top managers and directors will be attending, guaranteeing a direct dialogue with the leaders of the Italian tourism sector.

The Fam Trip aims not only to showcase the beauty of Italy to a prestigious group of Mexican operators, but also to strengthen ties between the two nations and promote two-way tourism. Italy is an exceptional destination for Mexican travellers, offering a unique combination of culture, history, gastronomy and natural beauty. ‘This initiative is another step in our mission to promote Italy and strengthen international relations. We are excited to collaborate with Aeromexico and the Regions of Lazio and Campania to welcome the top Mexican Tour Operators. We will work tirelessly to ensure that this event further strengthens the ties between Italy and Mexico and contributes to the continued success of the Italian tourism sector. It is a tangible sign of our commitment to building a more prosperous and shared tourism future between our nations,’ says Ivana Jelinic, President and CEO of ENIT.

'Just a few days ago, when I met Carlos Garcia de Alba, Mexico's Ambassador to Rome, I had the opportunity to reiterate the need for an ever stronger friendship between Italy and Mexico. In 2024 we will celebrate 150 years of bilateral relations between our countries. A true and deep relationship, not rhetoric, which is substantiated by dialogue and mutual exchange between different cultures and traditions. With an interest in common matters on which to focus our investments: I am thinking of agribusiness, pharmaceuticals, and aerospace. The friendship, solidarity and active cooperation of the Institution that I preside over with the Mexican people will never be diminished'. This was the President of the Lazio Region, Francesco Rocca.

In an increasingly connected world, the fam trip represents a step forward in creating a lasting tourism partnership between Italy and Mexico benefitting both nations.

‘We are thrilled to have provided operational support to ENIT for the accommodation of Mexican buyers in Rome. LATAM is a market that has always been attentive to our destination and Mexico is a highly attractive country for the luxury segment. We are pleased with the far-sightedness of this initiative and confident that it will represent a valuable opportunity to strengthen connections with local operators,’ commented Onorio Rebecchini, President of the Convention Bureau Roma e Lazio.

Italy and Mexico are unique destinations, and this collaboration represents an extraordinary opportunity for both countries to further prosper through tourism. The Italy-Mexico Fam Trip will bring extraordinary results and further strengthen the cultural and tourism ties between our nations.

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